There is Strength in our Numbers.

November 12th, 2015

What makes a team isn’t just how many homes they sell, or how many people they help buy a home. While those are quite important, the old notion that a stronger team performs stronger. Strength isn’t just seen in dollar signs. Strength is recognizing when you may not be the best fit for a particular client, and instead of holding on to that client and perhaps not finding them the best home for them or a home at all, a strong team member is willing to hand that client to someone who is a better fit. Strength is being there for another member of your team and living them up instead of cutting them down. Strength is also recognizing weakness and constantly striving to improve that weakness.

Tara Levinson and her team are constantly working toward being better and improving themselves on a daily basis. They also understand that improving your mental state is important, as is improving your physical self. It should come as no surprise that if the team is constantly striving to improve themselves mentally, that they are also eager to improve themselves physically. On October 3rd, 2015, Tara Levinson and Team participated in The Rugged Maniac. 3.1 miles trudging through mud, the lake, broken glass, through the woods, over ladders, through tunnels, and many other events making up the 25-obstacle course.

Testing their physical limits through each obstacle, they also had to work as a team to get through together. Leaving ‘no man behind’ at each obstacle, they helped each other over walls, out of mud pits, and through rings and monkey bars. Despite the fact that not each member of Tara Levinson and Team is at the same level physically, the team finished as one. Offering helping hands or taking someone’s hand for help, each member of the team finished with a smile and feeling more unified with their teammates.

Whatever they do together, they do as a team. Each event that they do together; each deal that they handle together just makes them stronger as a team.



Who Knew Goldsby Had This to Offer?

November 5th, 2015

Driving up to the home, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been transported out of Oklahoma and to a private estate somewhere else. The long drive flanked by beautiful trees leads you up to the magnificent circle drive. This amazing estate’s exterior is just a tickle of what the inside of the home has to offer. Standing under the carport, take a look out across the acreage and really soak in how awe-inspiring the landscape around you is. The regal columns offer support for that car port, which leads you to the massive covered patio on the front. Imagine having a dinner party or get together and having a valet set up under the carport. Or you could put in benches or a swing if you wanted, and you’d be able to spend hours on the front enjoying all of the peace your land has to offer.

103 Mallard 1103 Mallard 7

The massive double front doors guide you inward to the home. The first thing that is going to catch your eye will be the amazing stone floors. They flow throughout the living spaces like a river, perfectly accentuating the openness and amazing architecture of the home. Your eyes are going to want to look at many things at once; resist that urge and instead try to focus on one beautiful aspect at a time. Look up; those high ceilings add to the open feeling of the home and they were constructed in such a way that they add definition of the home without disrupting the design flow.


Step up to the formal living area to your left and make a note how the stonework around the fireplace is the same as the stones in the flooring. The living area being elevated is just another luxurious design aspect of this home. Notice how much light floods in through the windows, illuminating and further accentuating the living area. Imagine sitting around the fireplace on a cold evening enjoying just how much warmth is let off.


Back down from the living area and across entranceway is the formal dining area. This space is perfect for elegant dinner parties or fun game nights. And if you’re hosting a holiday party (which you may very well be doing, as everyone is going to want to be at your house all the time), there is plenty of space to add additional tables and chairs near the dining table so that everyone can feel included.


Look up at those high ceilings. Notice how open everything feels, and notice how the walls around the kitchen do not go all of the way up. This allows the light to flow to and through each and every room, and does not allow for any part of the main living areas to be shut off from any other part of the home.


Go in further into your home into the kitchen. You’ll first notice the oversized island in the center of the kitchen, and you should see that those same magnificent stone floors are also in this room as well, adding to the overall ambiance and seamless flow of your home’s floor plan.  The sink in the island next to the cooktop allow for easy prep work for a dinner. The grandness of the island also makes it a perfect place to set up a larger buffet-style dinner as well. And the bar space on the opposite side of the wall is a perfect space for a drink station. Also notice how the microwave is down in the island—this allows for you to be able to keep your counters tidy, and makes it so you don’t have to encumber your counters with a bulky microwave. Oversized windows are a theme in this home, and it is definitely present in this room as well, and the far windows overlook your beautiful courtyard would be the perfect backdrop for you to enjoy your breakfast.


If you’re able to pull yourself away from your kitchen, head toward the back of the home and to your right. Don’t allow temptation to take you into your amazing pool area just yet. Instead, head into the door to your right. This room is the study, but can also be an extra bedroom if you wanted it to be. The window in this room also looks over your courtyard. What an amazing space for inspiration while you’re working, or this would be a fantastic place to wake up in and start your day. Notice that there’s also a door further in in this room as well. Open it and prepare to be amazed! Who would have imagined that you’d have a complete sun room with kitchenette? This space would make a perfect additional living area or game room. If the study was a transitioned into a bedroom, this would be a great living area for an older relative or teenager living with you. With the amazing views off of this room as well, it’s sure to be another hangout spot for folks when they come over.


Heading back out of these rooms and further to your right down the hall, the next room you’ll see is your inside utility. Made with plenty of space, you’ll never feel cramped when you do your laundry. Also, There’s room in here to add a desk and make it your study as well. Or, you could add additional cabinetry and turn it into a seasonal storage room in addition to a utility.


Back out of the utility and down toward the garage, the next room on your right is a half bath. This location is perfect for use from the pool, garage, or for a guest to excuse themselves from a get together for some privacy. Beyond the last door at the end of the hallway is where your attached garage is. And what a garage it is! Three single stall doors with additional storage space and a safe room. This safe room is one of the two safest spots on your property—the other being a storm shelter on the other side of the home. You’ll also find one of your home’s two water heaters in the storage closet in the garage.


Go back into your house, down the hall, still resisting the urge to go out into the pool area, make a right at the end of the hall and go past the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Make a note of the closet on your left as you walk down the hall. This closet contains the home’s central vacuum system. What a great bonus to this already unbelievable home!


The room at the end of this back hallway is the second bedroom of the home. Spacious and with oversized windows that allow for an abundance of natural light, this room has plenty of space for furniture and living. There’s room for a seating area or desk under the light, and there’s plenty of room for a king size bed. As an En Suite, there is a plethora of privacy available. The bathroom connected to this bedroom also as a door so that guests may use this room without having to go into someone’s sleeping area to get to it.


Go through the hallway door from the bathroom and head further left into your Master Retreat. This room has one of the coolest features you’ll find, and would expect to find at a tropical resort. Upon entering the master suite, you’ll see a door to your left. This is the first of two entrances into your master bath. Go ahead and enter, checking out the separate double vanities, corner mounted jetted tub, and walk in shower. You should also note the “his and hers” walk in closets as well. These closets have ample storage space for all of your clothing. Back out of the closets, past the shower, tub, and restroom, you’ll see the second doorway into the bath.


Walk into your master oasis. With enough space for the biggest of bedroom furniture, there is still room enough to walk around or add a seating area. You should look to your right; you will see two doors from your bedroom. The set of doors on the right go out onto your pool area. The single door on the left is something you’re not likely to see in any other home you’ll go to, and it’s something that all of your friends will be envious of. Your master bedroom is a swim-up master bedroom. As the pool is heated, imagine how nice it would be to be able to go for a night time swim right from your private entrance into the pool? A short swim under the bridge brings you into your pool, and would be a perfect start to any day. The door also keeps out any extreme heat or cool from the outside pool area as well. It really is perfect, and it’s not something that many people in the area have the privilege of having. It is certainly something that you and people that come to your home will covet.

103 Mallard 77103 Mallard 33

Go out of the right set of doors and go to your outdoor pool area. As pretty as it was from the inside, now that you can feel the wind and see the light dancing off of the pool, it really is a whole new experience. With both covered and open patio space, this area is perfect for an evening cocktail get together. Imagine setting up some bar height tables, running party lights around the tops of the columns and arches, and plenty of lounge seats. There’s room on the kitchen side of the patio for an oversized table for outdoor dining. It’s no question as to why your house was built around the pool: it’s a majestic


Walk to the back of the fenced in area, this is a perfect spot for a hammock or you could also put yard games back there. And notice the grapevines—you’ll have home grown grapes at your disposal whenever you’d wish to have them.

103 Mallard 53

Go through the back fence and head toward your detached three car garage. Notice how the farthest door on the left is oversized—this is so the resident mechanic can work on bigger and taller vehicles. You’ll be greeted by a great surprise when you enter the door on the right. A single bedroom apartment! What a nice treat. This is perfect if you have someone who is starting out on their own, a relative who wants to remain close, yet have their independence and still be able to keep their distance, it could also be a perfect crash pad for friends or late nights working in your garage, or you could use it as an income property if that is a path you’d like to go down. With an access door to the garage and the front, it’s perfect for whatever you’d like to use it. It has a full bath, kitchenette, seating area, and expansive bedroom with a washer and dryer. Going through the shop door and into the garage itself, you’ll notice that there is insulation lining all of the walls. This helps for noise dampening, as well as it helps with temperature control. You should also notice that the middle bay of this garage has a higher ceiling; this is perfect if you’d like to install a vehicle lift.


Going out of this garage and out to the right, you’ll find the third and largest garage. Don’t let the single door fool you; there is SO much room in here. This garage also has a bonus: an office with a half bath. What a perfect space for you to run a construction company out of, or perhaps you have a landscaping company, or if you professionally restore or collect classic cars this would be a perfect spot to showcase your finished work and you would have an office area. You could also put in a couch and it would be a great spot to lounge around as well.


Step out of the garage and walk your property. Notice how private it feels with the field in the back. You don’t have any of the sounds from the city, instead you can hear birds chirping. The field in the back behind the garage is the perfect backing to your property. With picturesque views, your estate is something that you may just find yourself walking around and enjoying with its great mixture of mature evergreen and deciduous trees.


Your home is the perfect place for you to feel transported to an estate outside of Oklahoma City, and it’s beauty is magnified by the gorgeous pool, uniquely featured master bedroom, detached shop, and massive

A Glimpse Into 2417 Spring Lake–Luxury Listing

October 28th, 2015

2417 Spring Lake 7

Driving up to the home and walking around the grounds, you may want to call the design style “modern” or “contemporary,” but you really can’t fit this home’s Organic Architecture into any other type. There is nothing like it. Designed with love and Usonian touches inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, each clean line in the home’s design was created within a specific vision.

Heading up to the front door, you can see how well the detail work on the grand front entrance flows in unison with the stone work, and how the concrete plays to that same angular concept as well. Also take a moment to note the a-typical circular drive, and how there are also three diagonal parking spots in front of the home. Imagine each of your good friends or close family members having their own personal parking area at your home.

Often times people have a tendency to think that luxury homes are “stuffy” or that people can’t actually “live” in them. You will quickly find out that this is not the case in this beautiful home. Notice the open clearing to the right of the house. Now, imagine a group of children playing soccer or having a camp out in that yard. Turn your back from the front door, turn around and look at your acreage: 2.86 acres of beautiful mature trees. The clearing for the home is just enough for you to make this homestead your own, but you are still able to maintain your family’s privacy and are not on display to your neighbors.

Opening your front doors, you’ll immediately see your front den in front of you. Notice how the recessed carpeting of the floor pulls you in deeper, and how the color of the carpeting almost evokes an extension of the pool—bringing that Organic Architecture notion into the home as soon as you walk through the front door. Moving inward more, another tier of the natural element is apparent as you view the pond beyond the pool. Also, your first instinct may be to be intimidated by an entire wall of windows, but please also pay attention to the tree line and how the sun will be behind those trees before it has a chance to hinder or interfere with what you’re doing in the house. With that dense tree line, you are still able to maintain your family’s privacy as well.

2417 Spring Lake 66

Inspired by Wright’s open floor plans, this great room has space enough for a formal dining area, den, and formal living area. Those two doors on either side of the fire place open up to further bring the The carpeted area of the main living room is where your family can come together to enjoy panoramic views and tranquil evenings together. The higher level to the left of the den is a perfect spot for a formal seating area. Or you may also want to put your piano there and enjoy your child’s first song they learn all the way to their first concerto. Imagine playing Moonlight Sonata at night with the windows open and the lights glowing in the pool.

2417 Spring Lake 71

The opposite end from the formal living area is the formal dining. With a built in buffet and the stained glass detail in the windows, you can see even more influence from Frank Lloyd Wright. Look at how well the dark wood contrasts with the gray tones in the walls and floor. With immediate access to your kitchen, the chef of the house doesn’t have to feel segregated from the rest of the family. Look at that oversized window and how the designs of the trim within the window coincides with the front door. Now look above the kitchen at those boxes. In addition to being consistent with the design flow, they also light up and change colors depending on what your personal mood is.

Going into your kitchen, please look at how the multi-levels of the counter tops are inviting your family to sit down with you while you cook an absolute culinary treasure. The bar area would also be a perfect place to put food during a big meal and no one would have to go too far to get food. You should also notice that unlike most other kitchens, this kitchen has not one, but two islands. And look at the detail work on the sides of the islands and how yet again those same lines in the light boxes on the ceiling. You’ll likely also want to keep your pantry door open, as it has a beautiful stained glass window—pulling in teal elements from the den carpeting and pool. Your ice maker is also in this room; imagine not having to go out and buy ice or relying solely on your refrigerator to keep up with your family’s demand.

Back into the kitchen, notice that the sink is in the first island so that you may be able to look out upon your home or interact with family as you prepare dinner. It’s also close to your Wolf cook top with range hood, and located close to the double ovens and warming tray. This kitchen is perfect whether you want to cook a feast for guests, or an intimate family get together. Before you move on to another section of your beautiful home, please make a note of the beautiful tile mold work at the top of the cabinetry. Also notice how the different textures and light and dark colors combine into a peaceful coexistence.

Walk down toward your formal living area and stop at the first door on your left. This is your home theater room. This room is perfect for cozying up and watching movies with your family, or you can also turn on the big game and enjoy that without having to take up the main television in the den area.

Going out of the theater and further down to the left and hallway, the next door that you are going to come to is your storm shelter and brain of your entire home. Imagine that you’re at home enjoying a relaxing evening when a storm blows in. Oklahoma can be somewhat unpredictable when it comes to tornadoes, and in all of the chaos of gathering family members and animals, you won’t have to add the stress of getting everyone outside and into the garage— and if there’s a car parked above your storm shelter—moving your vehicle. Your storm shelter is located in the central area of your home. When you’re not using it as a storm shelter, it appears to just be another closet in your home.

Moving further past your formal living area and down the short hallway to your immediate right, you’re going to walk straight into any child’s dream bedroom. Imagine your daughter squealing with joy and playing with her Monster High collection in the beautiful window seat, or your son finally realizing his dreams of having an outer space bedroom complete with space ship! In this room, you can have sizable bedroom furniture and still have space enough for a desk, and you could put some pillows down in the corner and make that a fantastic reading nook with storage below. Notice the tile detail in the attached full bath. Look how thoughtful the design was, insomuch that the tile actually cuts through the trim work, and the same angular structure from the rest of your home is ever present in this room as well. Notice how big the closet is, and how the racks are actually electronic and raise and lower for ease of use.

Across from your child’s dream bedroom, you’ll be greeted by the inside utility room. With a large sink, recessed flooring to prevent flood under the washer and dryer, and massive amounts of storage, this is a fantastic utility room. Notice how the rich tones of the cabinets mingle with the beautiful wall colors, and counter tops, and the straight lines of the cabinetry blend with the handles.

Going back out of the utility room and to your left, you’re at another secondary bedroom. Look at the amazing views out of this oversized window. I’m sure anyone would be happy to wake up to this every single morning. Being a blank palette for your own personal interior design style, this room is just waiting for you to put your own finishing touches on it. Every bedroom in your home has its own private bath attached and this room is no different. And in addition to the full bath, it has a large walk in closet attached as well.

Walking out of that bedroom and across the hall, you’ll see a half bath. This bathroom is private enough should you have a guest that would like to have more privacy. They have the option of excusing themselves from a get together and coming back without everyone having to worry about where they are, or feeling self conscious. Also, this half bath is located in easy access from the office or tranquility room. Stop for a moment and just take in the views of this room. Trees and water are two of the most abundant views out of the massive windows. You could easily turn this room into a meditation room, art studio, play room, or executive office. With its own door to a private patio, you could easily step out for a breath of fresh air.

If you’re able to, go back out of your tranquility room and head down the hall back toward your kitchen area. At the large window turn right. You’re going to be at your guest bedroom. Sized just right for guests—just big enough for bedroom furniture, but not big enough where they will want to move in and stay. And with a full bath attached to these beautiful guest quarters, anyone that you have staying at your home will feel comfortable and have a heightened level of privacy for the duration of their stay.

When you’re ready, head out of the guest room, down the hall, and into your Master Oasis. Stop and pause for a moment and imagine where you will put all of your furniture. Your bed would look amazing on the far left wall, so that you can wake up to the breathtaking panoramic views that were designed purposefully. Look up at the tray ceiling; those squares mirror the frames around those beautiful windows. You also get yet another view of your beautiful back yard through those expansive windows. Go now in to your master bath. Notice the double sink vanities and makeup vanity as well. To your left is the large walk in shower with bench, and make sure you look at the stained glass inspired window, an element also taken by Frank Lloyd Wright. Behind you is your massive walk in closet with jewelry island, and electric clothing bars. To your right, the beautiful square jetted tub and water closet. Go back out of the master bath and across your bed area. Do you see that cozy nook in the corner? With a fireplace to keep you warm during cool evenings, this is the perfect spot in your home to just relax and collect your thoughts. Or if you are the reading type, imagine all of the places that a book can transport you to with the backdrop afforded by your back yard. Those same box forms from elsewhere in the house are also present in this room as well.

2417 Spring Lake 102

Now, if you’ve been able to resist the urge to walk outside thus far, now is your chance to explore all around. First, walk out onto your private Master Oasis patio; this offers you easy access to your hot tub and pool. If it’s a late night soak or early morning water aerobics session, you’ve got a direct path to and from your Master Suite. Notice that this isn’t just a pool in a back yard, but rather an infinity pool as an extension of your home. In addition to this being an infinity pool, it also has two shallow sections that are perfect for putting a lounger in to lie out basking in the sun. In the center of the two shallow sections is a fire pit. A night swim with the fire going under the star lit sky would be the perfect ending to a day. People go out of their way to leave Oklahoma and go on vacations to get the kinds of views and luxuries that are available to you every single day at your own home. The higher level of the pool area is where your outdoor grill

and fireplace are. Put a table or some comfortable outdoor furniture just in front of the fireplace, and mount a television on your patio here and enjoy a game while cooking dinner. Leave those doors open on both sides of the fireplace and include everyone together in cooking and enjoying dinner.

Outside of your fence, you’ll see your section of your pond. Imagine all of the Easter Egg hunts that can be had on your private estate. Or if your family wants to camp out, or cook out over a fire, this area would be perfect. You may even want to fish on this stocked pond and have hours of bonding time with family or friends, you can do so on your pond. Or perhaps you want to get some exercise, take a paddle boat back and across the water. Go down to the water’s edge, turn around, and take in your beautiful home. Notice how from the water your home is minimally visible through the tree line. You will be able to maintain your privacy and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Tips For Staging Your House

September 30th, 2015

All the world’s a stage, right? How well the show goes is up to you. So you’ve decided to sell your home, your memories, your child’s first Kool Aid stain on the carpet, your closet that you’re starting to outgrow—everything. That’s great! Now what?

Here are some tips on getting your home ready for showings and photos. The good rule of thumb for getting your home ready to show is to “de-clutter,” as this makes your home appear as big as possible.

1. Clear counters — Remove any and all toiletries, dishes, appliances, and trash. And it’s not just because people don’t need to know what you ate for dinner last night or what kind of deodorant you use, it’s because people sometimes feel overwhelmed and distracted by your items that they can’t envision their own things int he home.

2.  Remove toiletries in the shower and tub — Put all shampoos, rags, loofas, etc. in a closet or cabinet, and get your shower and tub areas clean. This will allow your bathroom to have a crisp and clean look when showing.

3.  Clean mirrors — When you’re getting your photos taken for marketing purposes, any splotches that are on the mirror really become evident. When potential buyer is touring the house as well, it’s best that they’re not distracted by streaks and residue on the mirror either.

4.  Clean sinks — Wipe out all sinks, put up any sponges and soaps, and make sure that everything is out of the way so your sink looks clean.

5.  Put shower towels and dirty laundry away — Used towels on the back of a door or hanging on a towel rack tend to look messy, and make sure that your hamper is not overflowing with dirty laundry.

6.  Clear off tables, nightstands, and dressers — Less clutter means fewer distractions. We want buyers to see the beautiful finishes and space in your house and not be distracted by your personal design style and trinkets. It’s okay to have decorations, but less is more.

7.  Remove unnecessary cords — This is mostly for photos, but please take care to remove any alarm clocks, side lamps, cable box, etc. Remove them and their cords and replace them once the photos have been taken. Also make sure that there are no cords showing under the bed, either.

8.  Replace all non-working light bulbs — Having working lightbulbs not only provides a bright home, but attention is drawn to but out bulbs instead of the finishes. Also, it may tend to make the buyer think subconsciously that there is something wrong with the house and put them off before they’ve had a chance to enjoy what the house has to offer.

9.  Make all beds — This is pretty self-explanatory.

10.  Remove all pet paraphernalia — Clear the house of pet beds, crates, and food bowls. These items can give buyers a false impression that the house is unclean. We want a positive impression on all photos and showings.

11.  Remove all toys — This is pretty similar to #10, in that toys scattered about can make something think that the home is unclean. Also, it gives a congested feeling to the room and makes it appear small.

12.  Mow both the front and back yards — Declutter the yard and patio as well. Put all toys and pet items away. The back yard should look like an oasis.

Also be mindful that large furniture in a small room and too many items on the wall can make a room appear tight and compact, which is the opposite effect of what we (and you) want. If you can, remove large chairs or tables and wall decorations such as memo boards to help open up the space.

If you’re worried about how to keep your home “show ready” when you have small children, keep some of their favorite toys in tubs. That way, when they’re done playing with them, the toys can be placed in the tub and that tub can then be put in a closet out of the view of the room.


Home Buying Headache?

September 23rd, 2015

It may seem shocking to some, but buying a home is a stressful life event when you think about it.

It makes sense, though, because there are many steps involved: papers to fill out, hoops to jump through at the bank, money to verify, decisions to make…and if you buy new construction there are finishes, a floorpan, tile, carpet, stain color, paint scheme, jetted tub? Garden tub? Separate closets? Definitely separate closets, but then I’d never see my spouse in the morning…we certainly need separate vanities so we don’t get in each other’s way…but again I’d not see them at all. Covered back patio? Gas or wood fireplace? Ceiling fans? Yes, ceiling fans everywhere. You get a ceiling fan, and YOU get a ceiling fan! Everyone gets a ceiling fan! Put one on the wall if you need to–wait that doesn’t make sense. I need three beds and an office, and I certainly don’t want to have to share a bathroom with my teenagers, so an en suite master is a must. But I’m only qualified for a two bedroom home, and I need a home office, too!


When you put it that way, it’s actually really easy to see how someone can get stressed out. As it turns out, the home buying process comes with different headaches for different people. However, the biggest problem is finding the right home, and this is the top issue identified with buying a home. It seems that the mixture of “what you are qualified for” and “what home dreams you have” create a monster.  With the right real estate agent at your side, this whole process can be a Beautiful Monster–an unstoppable force of awesome.  Tara Levinson and Team really gets to know each buyer and we focus on not just tossing someone into the first home they’re qualified for, but rather we take the time to get to know what you’re looking for and we analyze and watch the market for a home that fits your needs. We treat each buyer with the same level of respect and integrity, whether you’re looking for your first home, an investment property, or if you’re a luxury buyer.

So you’ve gotten pre-qualified, the bank is working on your loan, and you’ve found that house that you only thought you’d see in your dreams. You’re envisioning where all your furniture is going to go, who is going to sleep where, and what your Christmas card is going to look like with everyone sitting around the fire. People are going to love getting your card in the mail! But there’s more than just finding the home that is needed to be done. There’s paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. How do you know what forms are required? You could go to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission…if you knew that that’s where you were supposed to go to get all of the forms you’d need. You could call the title company yourself…if you knew which title company to go to. Or, you could let your agent, Tara Levinson and Team, handle the gathering of documents for you. Your biggest could then be nothing more than a slight finger twitch from electronically signing forms.

Our team doesn’t stop helping when you have submitted a successful contract on a home, either. We help you and guide you through the entire process. We set up inspections if you request that we do so. We allow you to take control of  any inspections that you would prefer, and we don’t exclude you from any step in the process. We write the Treatment, Repairs, and Replacement request and submit it to the other side. We become your gatekeeper to the other side and buffer any potential issues so that the entire home buying process is as it should be: stress free. We want you to still be as in love with the home the day you sign the title work and take ownership, as the day you first walked inside with your agent and couldn’t imagine yourself living anywhere else.